• Introducing HbbTV applications

    The company SAT Plus, s.r.o. (Ltd.) as the very first one in Czech Republic now offers production of real HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband Television) applications for digital TV broadcasting. Click HERE for more info about HbbTV.

  • Optic fiber solutions

    Providing Value Priced Optical Fiber Solutions especially for Video and Audio Production. We offer various professional solutions for the delivery HD signal from your cameras to production over long distances using fiber optic cables.

HbbTV applications

The owners of TV channels together with the operators of digital cable/satellite networks can now, thanks to HbbTV, offer the access to new services, which their viewers and clients were used to access only via internet. These include various interactive services, online TV broadcasting, video on demand (VOD), targeted advertising, personalization, polls, games, social networks connection, TV channels' program overview and related information services, such as digital teletext.

HbbTV platform is almost independent from TV broadcasting itself, because all the datas are transferred through the basic broadband internet connection. The connection port is currently included in most of modern televisions and set-top-boxes. So the TV/network provider does not need to spend another costs for data transfer to HbbTV application. This was unable with usage of older platforms that were later, due to that, proven unsuccessful.

Our HbbTV applications fulfil the conditions for comfortable operation of all services by remote control (10 feet User Interface) and thanks to that, every piece of information is within reach. The user is able to read current news, check the program highlights, or watch the programme from the video archive of the provider. Thus, HbbTV platform becomes the new distribution way for marketing campaigns and the way, how to keep the viewer watching certain TV channel.

First of all, we developed the application with detailed TV schedule for 30 days (120 TV channels, updated a few times a day). In comparison with classic EPG (Electronic Program Guide), the TV channel operator is not limited in possibilities of graphic interface, which was strictly given in EPG of TV and set-top-boxes. In HbbTV, these program datas can be improved with various graphic objects, TV channels logos, or screenshots from films, series, talk-shows and other program highlights.

Next application is the RSS reader of chosen Czech news portals, enriched with traffic and weather information.

Remaining applications consists of program highlights of premium TV channels, then current special offers of the network provider and simple video archive of the film trailers, which will expand in time and will also contain the archive of the various programs of TV channels.

Moreover, in the stage of development there is the client application "My UPC", where viewers can check their customer accounts, order the services and contact the customer centre. 

“We are very proud that after several months of intense work we can finally present this unique technology, combining the possibilities of internet and television, to our viewers and provide them full access to real HbbTV applications. We are already working on development of new HbbTV applications.", says Radomír Kaňok, CEO and owner of SAT Plus, s.r.o.


If you are interested in free presentation, do not hesitate to contact us or visit the address of our company in Prague.

Optical Fiber Solutions

Broadcasting TV Channels

SAT Plus Company, Ltd. specializes in low-cost projects where most of the broadcasted materials is available in digital form and is transmitted directly from the disk servers. Every broadcasted program can be completed with station logo or any other graphics that can be remotely controlled using external data. All of our broadcasting equipments are connected via a central matrix system that allows easy switching signals for its own broadcasts, as well as for possible digitization of materials. Actually thru high-speed Internet connection we can route incoming and outgoing TV signal delivered through IP links and a make more efficient operation of the entire TV station.

All files for TV broadcasting are stored on a central disk arrays, from which the materials are available via LAN for all servers in our Master Control Room, or for other operations such as digital editing rooms, voice over cabins, viewers, etc. It can take full advantage of the opportunities that provide video disk servers, and digital image recording. We can offer to customer the backup channel that can communicate with the prime server and if a problem occurs when broadcasting program, takes over its function. It can works in parallel with the main server too and then You can always switch the broadcast from one system to another. This ensures 100% backup broadcast program.

Broadcast each program is executed depending on customer requirements. When preparing a new broadcast channel, we are able to offer customers video production and sound design for the new station and cooperation with production of their magazines. Our Master Control Room support broadcasting in high definition HDTV format of course. We can use files with compression format MPEG-2, MPEG-4 or DV and we can use tape machine in the P2 format, DVCAM and BETACAM-SP, for grabbing materials into digital form, or for broadcasting material directly from the player.

According to customer request the final TV channel is prepared for further distribution in different formats. We can use composite, component and HD/SD-SDI video signal, analog, AES/EBU and SPDIF audio signal or the TV channle can be transmitted as UDP over IP LAN or DVB-ASI digital a digital stream.

Thanks to the cooperation our company SAT Plus, Ltd. with several global companies distributing signals via satellite (satellite uplink) we can offer our customers any position in orbit - from America to Asia. 

Contact us for further details and pricing information.

Broadcast Selector

Main specifications 
  • automatic and sophisticated fill-in functions
  • files and metadata management
  • categories and blocks management
  • filename parsing to metadata
  • series and episodes scheduling
  • multiuser support with rights management
  • optimized for long time scheduling based on templates
  • fully automated tasks such as playlist upload to playout
  • remote control of playout server and CG
  • exterenal events controlling
  • data export for EPG systems
  • optimized for mobile devices
  • affordable web based application


The application was developed based on the real needs of broadcasters and their own experiences with TV broadcasting. During implementation to the customer's project we can adjust some specific function to your specific demands or prepare the further expansion according to your needs.


Broadcast Selector is used for schedulling of following TV channels:

  • FUN 1
  • UPC Express
  • HD+
  • Golf Channel
  • HETV
  • Central Europe TV
  • FilmPro
  • AWR
  • Hope TV
  • Rock TV 
  • TV Harmonie
  • TV Vysočina
  • Šlágr TV 
  • Country No. 1 
  • Písnička TV 
  • iVysočina
  • Slovak Sport
  • O2 Sport

Try ON-Line Broadcast Selector for Free! We will send you login details to the demo version to be able try benefits this On-Line solution.



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SAT Plus, s.r.o.
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FAX: +420 261 107 140


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